Listen, I’m just like you. I’m a guy who loves his family, and his life and just wants to give them the best of what I’ve got while enjoying it along the way.

I’m also the kinda nerdy guy who enjoys a nice cocktail and a good spread sheet. My wife finds this less charming than you’d think.

And yet, she’s always understanding that this is an important moment in your life. One that deserves to have someone taking care of it as if it’s their own important moment. Because for me, it is important.

The truth is, I know mortgages forward and backward. My mind just understands how it all comes together. I am working everyday to be a better husband and dad though.

I’m lucky to have this amazing family, with these boys, one just like me, a little quiet, a little serious, a whole lot of loyal, and one like my wife a big hearted goof, who hasn’t met someone who is not a best friend.

Everything I do I do for the 3 of them. I’m always driven to provide the best life for them, and to help my clients do the same for the people they love.

Because that’s what it all comes back to isn’t it?

Working hard, loving our families and enjoying life along the way.

Let me see how I can help you hit your goals too.