Mortgage Details

In order for me to best serve you, please complete the following steps and fill out the form.


Step 1: Employment info

a) If you are a normal salaried employee – please send me a copy of 2 of your most recent pay stubs and your most recent W-2.

b) Highly bonused or commissioned employee – please send 2 of your most recent 2 pay stubs, your most recent W-2, and most recent tax return.


Step 2: Assets

Please provide 2 of your most recent months’ checking and savings statements (basically the funds needed to cover the cost to close)


Step 3: Contract

Contract – normally the realtor provides me the contract once executed by both parties


Step 4: Form

Please complete the form below.


**Please send paperwork from Steps 1 - 3 by emailing/faxing/adding to dropbox.**

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